25 Most Heartwarming Photos Ever

#15 – Cradling His Dog

Both this photo and the story to it are heartwarming. In the photo above, we can see a guy in his 40s called John Unger who can be seen cradling his dog. Now, John has a reason for cradling his cute dog in the water.

John dog’s name is Shoep. The dog is 19 years old, which means that he has more than 140 human years. John cradles Shoep every night to sleep in the water so the water’s buoyancy could sooth Shoep’s arthritis. The saddest thing about this photo is that John doesn’t have to cradle Shoep in the water anymore because the dog passed away several years ago. However, this photo is still heartwarming as it shows the endless love of a human for its pet.

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