25 Most Bizarre Cartoons Ever

Not all cartoons are cute, fluffy, and innocent. Some cartoons are filled with gore, sexual innuendos, explicit scenes, oddball characters, hidden messages, and other things you wouldn’t expect in a cartoon.

In this article, we will feature both children’s cartoons and cartoons for mature audiences that are significant for their bizarreness. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the 25 Most Bizarre Cartoons Ever:

#25 – Bump in the Night

The name of this cartoon already implies that it is a bizarre cartoon. So, what is this cartoon called Bump in the Night all about? Well, this cartoon with a crazy title tells us the story of its main protagonist called Mr. Bumpy (hence the name of the cartoon).

Now, what is Mr. Bumpy like, you may ask. Well, Mr. Bumpy is a yucky green monster that has purple warts on his body. His main hobbies are eating dust and eating crusty socks. His only friends are a bunch of creepy toys. And that is basically all what this cartoon is about – a green monster that eats dust and socks.

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