25 iPhone 7 Plus Hacks You Need to Know

iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s greatest invention ever. It is a phone wanted by many people but owned by few people. However, this phone has so many hidden features about which its owners don’t know.

In this article, we will feature such hidden features iPhone 7 Plus offers you and a lot of other crazy things you can do with this awesome phone. Let’s have a look at the 25 iPhone 7 Plus Hacks You Need to Know:

#25 – Jump Directly into Selfie Mode

Taking selfies with iPhone 7 Plus is a truly enjoyable experience because the front camera of that newest Apple’s flagship phone has 7-megapixels! And know what? You don’t have to open anymore the Camera app on your iPhone 7 Plus to take a selfie.

Thanks to the advanced 3D Touch feature integrated into iPhone 7 Plus, you can now take selfies just by swiping up your iPhone’s control panel and firmly pressing on the Camera app. When you do that, you will see a pop-up option called “Take Selfie.”

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